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Suitable for laminated bags, PID temperature controller ( +/- 8 degree) tolerence

Hand Operated Impulse Sealers

Ideal for home / industrial sealing applications

CS 3 / 15 Digital

Suitable for small laminated bags up to 1 kg / 5 kgs

CS 3/15 H/HV Intelligent

Intelligent models are more suitable for sealing virgin plastics


Suitable for more sensitive materials ( bag ) , with precision temperature controller

Premium Series

Foot operated premium series..

Continuous Band Sealers-Gas Flushing

These are continuous Band Sealers with Gas flushing feature. Ideal for packing fried snack food with gas filling

Pneumatic Sealers

Pneumatic sealers are available in two variants / two sealing lengths. Suitable for heavy bags

Mobile Sealer - 900 MSE

Sealer reaches to the bag rather than bag is taken to the sealer

Tea Blending Machine

Tea Blending Machine

Semi Automatic Liquid / Paste Filling Machines - GCG-BL

Liquid / Paste filling machines are widely used for the filling of thick fluids and pastes to pouches / bottles etc.

Vibro Screens

Used for screening granules, nuts , powders etc.