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- For pilfer evident and leak proof sealing of aluminum foils on cups, cans, bottles, plastic containers and trays

- Height adjustability and provision for heat control

SKU: SPK600040004

Strong cups, cans and bottles can be sealed without extra attachments. Flimsy Cups and trays require extra support at the bottom of the neck, otherwise the cup/neck may be crushed during sealing operation. The support has to be matched with the shape of the cup to be sealed (Provide dimensional sketches or samples for design of appropriate support)

Brand Sepack
Country of Orgin India
Made in (Country) India
Package Weight 4.50 kg (4.5 kg )
Package Dimensions 460 (l)X 170 (w) X 250(h) cm
Model FSD 1545
Head adjusting range from base 10 to 160 mm
Sealing Dia Max 140mm
Power Watts 300
Voltage AC 240