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High Vacuum levels, Flushing up to 2 gases, Vertical bag movement avoid spillage. Sensor controls for vacuum / gas levels. Offers lowest cycle time. The best in class BUSCH pumps are used. Reliable and time tested mechanical and electronics.


SKU: SKU-MENA-FE04E05FBE489201645506732

Sealing: 650 mm X 5 mm - Pneumatic Impulse
Pump: 65 cbm / Hr Single stage, mist free
Cycle Time: 45 - 60 sec
Ultimate Vacuum: 758 mm Hg
maximum Object Size: 470 mm X 370 mm X 240 mm
Power: 415 V ( 3 P ) , 3 HP
Pressure sensor: Available
Air: Required
Controlled vacuum mode: Available on request


Brand Sepack
Country of Orgin India
Made in (Country) India
Package Weight 105.00 kg (105.0 kg )
Package Dimensions (l)X (w) X (h) cm