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Application: Pharma / Dairy / Chemical / Pesticides / Beverages / Food & Oil / Personal Care etc.

*Depends on container and label size

**Specification can be customized.

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Economy Series :

Available for screw, press and ROPP cap sealing

Maximum output speed, 40 caps per minute

Smooth and accurate container handling

Integrated fault / alarms

7 Colour Touch Screen with PLC for various error message and control system

Adjustable conveyor guide rails to accommodate with different products

No bottle no capping system

Single and multihead capping

Jars & Bottles, glass/plastic, round / flat / elliptical

Container size: Diameter 22mm - 100mm, Height 50mm - 210mm

Cap size: Diameter30mm - 150mm (need to change parts)

Conveyor height: 750mm - 850mm (adjustable)

Brand Sepack
Country of Orgin India
Made in (Country) India
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