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No product no label

Label missing, machine stops/reject container

Built-in product counter

PLC, Servo and HMI controlled

Power: single phase, 230V, 50Hz

Unscrambler: optional

Application: Pharma / Dairy / Chemical / Pesticides / Beverages / Food & Oil / Personal Care etc.

*Depends on container and label size

**Specification can be customized.

SKU: U11200070023

Economy Series :

Single / double side, wrap around

Bottles / cans / Jars, flt / round / elliptical containers

Glass / plastic / PET / TIN / corrugated containers

Direction: left to right / right to left

Output/min*40 - 150/min

Stainless steel construction

Brand Sepack
Country of Orgin India
Made in (Country) India
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Package Dimensions (l)X (w) X (h) cm