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Semi-Automatic Labelling machine suitable for round shaped bottles of diameter ranges from 100mm to 150mm.
Allowable label size-10×10mm to 100×100mm.
Sepack’s LM 150 R Labeling machine MT50. This machine can be used to label, round type bottles of different diameters.

Brand Sepack
Country of Orgin India
Made in (Country) India
Package Weight 0.00 kg (0.0 kg )
Package Dimensions (l)X (w) X (h) cm
Model LM 150R
Voltage 230V, 50Hz
Power 120W
Precision ±1mm
Speed 20-40pcs/min*
Bottle diameter 100-150mm
Label size Width-10 to 100mm, Length-10 to 100mm
Label roll 75mm (Inner diameter), 200mm (Outer diameter)