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Suitable to strap 220mm (W) x 170mm (H) size with 12mm (standard) OPP Film

SKU: SPK700080027

A small strapping machine is a new product, widely used in supermarkets, printing, hardware, and other industries, can be used for vegetables, fruits, food, medicine, paper, plate, wire, data line, accessories and other strapping packaging. High bindingefficiency,stableoperation&easytouse

Brand Sepack
Country of Orgin
Made in (Country)
Package Weight 0.00 kg (0.0 kg )
Package Dimensions (l)X (w) X (h) cm
Model MAS 1722
Voltage 240V, 50HZ
Power 0.25KW
Working speed 25 beats/min*
Tension 5kg (adjustable)
Worktable height 265mm
Binding tape OPP film tape
Tape width 12mm (Standard)
Tape reel inner diameter: ?40mm, outer diameter: ?160mm, thickness: 0.12mm
Minimum object size 30mm wide
Maximum object size 210mm wide