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LGYF-2000BX Continuous Induction Sealing Machine.

Induction sealers are used for hermetically sealing the plastic & glass bottle caps with aluminum foils. This makes the bottles leak- proof & tamper evident and offers extended shelf life. Induction sealers are widely used in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Lubricant, Cosmetic and Food industries.

Brand Sepack
Country of Orgin India
Made in (Country) India
Package Weight 72.00 kg (72.0 kg )
Package Dimensions 1550 (l)X 580(w) X 1430(h) cm
Model LGYF-2000BX - IS 130C
Power 2 KW@ 240 V 50Hz
Conveyor speed 0~ 12 Mts./Min.
Bottle Dia 50 ~ 130 mm
Bottle Height 40 ~ 300 mm
Sealing Speed up to 20 bottles/min